Inaugural Conference NAAC2005

The inaugural NAA conference was held 25 – 27 November 2005 at the Powerhouse Museum and the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies at Macquarie University. Registrants were treated to a tour of selected parts of the Powerhouse Museum numismatic collection followed by twenty-three talks.

Plenary speakers

Dr Richard G Doty, A new voice in numismatics: the story of ICOMON.
Dr Paul Holland, Australian pre-decimal bronze coinage.
Professor John Melville-Jones, Why did the Ancient Greeks strike coins?
Professor Barrie Reynolds, Ethnographic currency: Exotic and unconventional forms of money.
John Sharples, The Australasian token project.

Session speakers

Professor Walter R Bloom and Richenda Prall, The Correio da Azia and its coins.
Les Carlisle, Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales: Heritage centre and archival collection.
Andrew Crellin, What is a proclamation coin? Governor King’s proclamation of November 17, 1800.
Paul Donnelly, Recording industry.
Peter Edwell, Asceticism and numismatics: Simeon Stylites and early Byzantine coinage.
Alan Flint, The recent development of banknotes in Australia; old to new age thinking.
Walter Holt, Usurping a usurper: The Poemenius revolt at Trier.
Peter Lane, For natives of new-found lands: The exploration medal.
Roger McNeice OAM, Colonial numismatics of Tasmania.
Alan McRae, From beneath the waves.
David Mee, Edward, the Black Prince.
Dr Ted Nixon, The coins from Jebel Khalid, a Hellenistic city in Syria.
Dr Richard O’Hair, Hunt for evidence of Henry VIII farthings in the early numismatic literature.
Professor John Pearn, Australian, medical medals.
Colin Pitchfork, The autonomous Cistophoric coinage of Asia Minor – new finds and chronology.
Clare Rowan, The procession of the God Elagabalus and the problem of the ‘Parasols’.
Dr Ken Sheedy, Portraiture and the Persians.
David Worland, Eyelashes, trunks and horns: A numismatic journey with Alex.

Coin Fairs

ANDA Coin Fairs are the largest fairs in Australia and are held in various capital cities during the year. For further details see ANDA.

The Stamp and Coin Dealers Association of Australasia Inc (SCDAA) holds regular stamp and coin fairs at the the Petersham Town Hall, 107 Crystal Street, Petersham, NSW (just one block from the railway station). Hours are 9.00 am to 4.00 pm and admission is $1.00 per person. There are many local and interstate dealers buying and selling stamps, coins, banknotes, postcards and pins. Contact John Pearson on (02) 9979 1561 for further information.

The Australasian Philatelic Traders’ Association runs regular stamp and coin fairs in Melbourne and other centres; for details contact Gerd Kratzer ( or visit the IPDA website.