Guidelines for authors

Submitted articles can be on any worthwhile numismatic topic, keeping the following guidelines in mind:

  • Subject matter should offer new information or throw new light on any area of numismatics, ancient through modern, though preference is given to Australian and New Zealand related material.
  • Submitted articles should be as much as possible the result of original research. Articles must not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • All submitted articles are refereed before being accepted for publication.


Articles should be sent as an email attachment as an MS Word file, .doc or .rtf format following the layout in the last volume.

Images and tables

Submit article images and tables individually and separately to the text document in high resolution JPEGs or TIFFs for images, or a separate MS Word or MS Excel document for tables. DO NOT supply images and tables only within the body of your document.

Author statement

Supply a brief numismatic biographical statement which will be appended to the published article with full name and email address.

Article format details

  • References: the JNAA uses footnote referencing. Text reference numbers are placed after punctuation marks eg end.3 They follow sequentially through the text.
  • Images and tables: all images must be referenced in the text. Text references to images should be numbered as (Fig. 1), (Figs 1 and 2), (Table 1), Tables 1 and 2) etc. The location of images and tables needs to be indicated by with figure caption text.
  • Lists: all lists should be presented as tables. Captions: figure and table captions should explain images fully and independently of the main text. All images must be referenced and have copyright clearance.
  • Quoting: use quotation marks for quotations under two lines. Italicise and indent quotations longer than two lines. All quotes need to be referenced.


Authors will receive a .pdf proof of their article for comment by email. Author comments can be made by placing comment tabs in the .pdf, or listing corrections by page, column and line number in a separate document.

Key words are terms or phrases that potential readers search to find articles of interest:

  • List the terms/phrases that are used repeatedly in the text.
  • Ensure that this list includes all your main key terms/phrases.
  • Don’t have more than eight key terms/phrases.
  • Don’t use words from your title as these are already included in search engines.
  • Don’t make the terms/phrases too general.
  • Include variants of a term/phrase (eg jetton and counter).
  • Include common abbreviations of terms (eg NAA).
  • Refer to a common vocabulary/term list or indexing standard in your discipline (eg Heinz Fengler, Gerhard Gierow, Willy Unger, Lexicon Numismatik, Transpress 1988; John Melville-Jones, The names of Roman Coins, JNAA 31 (2021-2022, pp xxxx) to ensure that the terms you have used match those used in these resources.
  • Type your keywords into a search engine and check if the results match the subject of your paper.

Corrections must be received by email by the Managing Editor no more than five days after receiving the proof. Changes to the edited text at the proofing stage will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances at the sole discretion of the Managing Editor.


Please direct all communications to the Managing Editor, Associate Professor Gil Davis at