Volume 32, 2023

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About the Numismatic Association of Australia Inc

Earliest Documentation and Catalogue Listings for the 1930 Australian Penny

Mint and Die Parameters by Matching P.CREPVSI Coin Evidence and MintSW Meta-coinages

An Analysis of Foreign Coins in Circulation with Australian Decimal Coinage

The Antinous Medallions of Tarsus: An Update

Mr. Billing’s Gold Medal for Law

O’Hair, Richard A. J.

‘Restoration’ Coins of the Flavian Emperors, Vespasian and Titus

Some Observations on Australia’s Circulating Coin Behaviour, 2005-2021

Periods of issue of New Zealand Merchant Tokens

Half a Century of an Australian in Numismatics: a Personal Reflection

The Joys of Marketing a Mint