Numismatic magazines and other resources

The Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine, the only commercial magazine in Australia and New Zealand dealing with coins and banknotes.

The Collectables Trader, a bimonthly Australian and New Zealand magazine that includes regular numismatic articles and other collectables. Available from newsagents in Australia and New Zealand or direct from the publishers; PO Box 324, Bondi Junction NSW 1355 (at reduced rates).

Guide to coin collecting, an Australian on-line resource for numismatics.

Coin News, a leading and long-established high quality numismatic publication, covering all areas of the hobby.

Krause Publications, large range of books (many also large) and magazines on many aspects of numismatics plus many other areas of collecting.

Coin World Magazine, another US published magazine but with interesting information (including the new quarter dollars) and links.

The Celtic Coin Index. Details of over 28,500 coins are held on the Celtic Coin Index, and this web site has full details of how it can be referenced. The prototype on line index is now available.

The Roman Provincial Coinage series on-line is to produce a standard typology of the provincial coinage of the Roman Empire from its beginning in 44 BC to its end in AD 296/7.

The Great Seals of England and Great Britain. Images and some details of The Great Seals used in every reign from William The Conqueror to Elizabeth II.

The Ben Weiss collection of historical and commemorative medals. A large range of historical detail and wonderful images of medals.

Coinlink (Numismatics Today). Numismatic news, features and resources.

Coinsheet Numismatic Directory. A directory of worldwide links to many coin clubs and dealers.

The fascination of gold in ancient coinage. A virtual numismatic exhibit on the website of the Catholic University of Milan.

Wildwinds. An on-line reference, valuation and attribution site for ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins.

The Maria Theresa thaler 1780. A comprehensive on-line reference site for this famous coin and its variants.