The Journal of the Numismatic Association of Australia Inc (JNAA) is published on-line annually and includes both papers submitted from authors throughout Australia and worldwide, and those from the Association’s biennial conference. The NAA invites serious numismatic articles for publication in the Journal on any worthwhile numismatic topic. Articles must comprise original research on numismatic material including but not limited to Australasian numismatics (coins, tokens, medals, banknotes) or ancient or mediaeval numismatics. Manuscripts can be emailed to any member of the Editorial Board (see below) in your area of research, along with a copy to the Managing Editor. All submitted articles will be double-blind peer reviewed before being accepted for publication. Guidelines for the submission of papers can be found in the submenu.

Managing Editor

Associate Professor Gil Davis
Australian Catholic University

Editorial Board

Emeritus Professor Walter R Bloom
(Modern era – coins, medals and badges)
Murdoch University and Western Australian Museum

Emeritus Professor John Melville-Jones
(Greek, Roman, Byzantine and late antiquity)
University of Western Australia

Dr Clare Rowan
(Roman coinage; ancient tokens)
Warwick University

Associate Professor Kenneth A Sheedy
(Greek, Roman and Hellenistic)
Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies

Mr Christian Stoess
Berlin Coin Cabinet