Paul Simon Memorial Award Medal Obverse


THE PAUL SIMON MEMORIAL AWARD was established in 1977 by Mrs Jessica Simon, of Ballarat Victoria, in memory of her late husband, Paul Simon. He was an authority on gold coinage of

the world and was an enthusiastic collector. Paul Simon was a prominent businessman, a President of the Numismatic Association of Victoria, and a Fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society in London. The award consists of a medallion by Michael Meszaros, struck at the Paris Mint, which depicts a portrait of Paul Simon on the obverse, and a hand holding a coin of Israel on the reverse, together with a certificate.

morial Award Medal Reverse


Purpose of the award

The Award was established to recognize the outstanding contribution by any person in promoting numismatics within numismatic organizations in Australia.

Most recent recipient

47. 2019 Graeme Petterwood Tas

Past recipients

1. 1977, John Gartner† Vic

2. 1977, W (Bill) J Mira† NSW

3. 1977, Ron M Greig† SA

4. 1977, Roger V McNeice, OAM Tas

5. 1977, George D Dean Qld

6. 1977, Stan J Wilson† WA

7. (Allocated as the silver award to Ray Jewell†)

8. 1978, Owen C Fleming† NSW

9. 1978, Maurice B Keain SA

10. 1979, Tom M Hanley† NSW

11. 1979, Alf Ware† NSW

12. 1981, Colin J Tindall SA

13. 1983, Douglas George Sandeson† Qld

14. 1984, R Len Henderson Vic

15. 1985, Les J Carlisle NSW

16. 1986, Haydn Donald Powell† WA

17. 1987, Noel Harper Tas

18. 1989, TW (Bill) Holmes† Tas

19. 1990, D Graeme Stevens† Qld

20. 1991, L Terry Pepperell† Vic

21. 1991, Chris Heath Tas

22. 1993, Colin E Pitchfork NSW

23. 1994, Leo P McCarthy† Qld

24. 1995, Frank S Seymour† SA

25. 1996, John Chapman Vic

26. 1997, Stan McAskill† WA

27. 2001, Dick Junge Vic

28. 2001, Fred Dobbins† NSW

29. 2001, Gillian Farringdon-Davis Vic

30. 2003, Peter D Lane SA

31. 2004, Frank M Gare WA

32. 2006, Melvin Williams† Qld

33. 2006, Joyce Hanley† NSW

34. 2007, George Shea Qld

35. 2007, Walter R Bloom WA

36. 2008, Rod Sell NSW

37. 2008, George D Snelgrove Qld

38. 2009, Mick P Vort-Ronald SA

39. 2010, John W Cook Qld

40. 2011, Peter Fleig SA

41. 2013, Bernard V Begley Qld

42. 2014, Stephen Appleton Qld

43. 2015, Terrence (Terry) J Davidson† Qld

44. 2016, Frank J Robinson Vic

45. 2017 Barrie M Newman SA

46. 2018 Michael Carter Qld

Nominations for the Paul Simon Memorial Award

Nominations for the Paul Simon Memorial Award close on 30 April each year. If you know a numismatist who you feel has made a great contribution to Australian numismatics then please submit a nomination by completing the (Paul Simon nomination form) and sending it to your State Paul Simon Memorial Award Selection Committee member.

Paul Simon Memorial Award Selection Committee

Walter Bloom (Chair), PO Box 79, Willetton, WA 6955

John Cook, 9 Burgundy Crescent, Thornlands, QLD 4164

Chris Heath, PO Box 12, Claremont, TAS 7011

Frank Robinson (Victoria) Email

Rod Sell, PO Box 830, Manly, NSW 1665

George Shea, 43 Jacaranda Drive, Albany Creek, QLD 4035

Mick Vort-Ronald, PO Box 653, Willaston, SA 5118