NAA Special Publications

The Pocket Guide To Saint Paul: Coins Encountered by the Apostle on his Travels. This 292 page soft covered book retails for A$29.95 plus postage

Convict Love Tokens, a history and catalogue of known examples. 122 pages well illustrated, soft covered, A$29.95, These are available in Australia at the Port Arthur Book Shop, Tasmania and the Western Australian Maritime Museum bookshop in Fremantle.

Other Publications

Chasing the Dragon’s Tale: The Vergulde Draeck Story by Bob Sheppard and published by  Hesperian Press Fully illustrated with some never seen before photos, this 248 page book contains around 700 references.

Part One, The Vergulde Draeck Story, is a formal history of the wreck and its discovery. Part Two, Chasing The Dragon’s Tale, covers the author’s experiences in his 10 year search to unravel one of Australia’s greatest maritime mysteries. $50 plus $12 postage Australia wide.

Australian Agricultural Show Medals and Awards, 1822 – c1910 by Hugh Armstrong and Les Carlisle, self published, Sydney, 2016. 336 pages, A4 size, art paper, colour, hardbound, with over 600 medals illustrated. ISBN: 9780646963600. Available from leading coin dealers and from Les Carlisle at Email: Les Carlisle Cost $60, plus $16 postage within Australia.

Inside the Vault: The history and art of Australian coinage (click on title for details)

Medals of the Australian Numismatic Society and Related Items 1913-2013
Medals of the Australian Numismatic Society 1913-2013 Concise Edition
A companion medalet is also available for $10.00 that could be included without extra postage.
Price details: Medals of the Australian Numismatic Society and Related Items 1913-2013, $50.00 plus $15.00 normal Aust Post and
Medals of the Australian Numismatic Society 1913-2013 Concise Edition, $20.00 plus $5.00 normal Aust Post.
Payment details: Cash, cheque or Direct Deposit, Suncorp Bank, BSB 484-799, Account Name – Australian Numismatic Society (A.N.S.) QLD Branch, Account No. 081469025.
When processing a Direct Deposit payment, please include your name as the reference and contact us by email of your payment details and your order requirements.
For further details contact: A.N.S. Queensland Branch, P. O. Box 78 FORTITUDE VALLEY QLD 4006 or email

A study of Australasian trade tokens by Simon Gray, published November 2013 (ISBN 978-0-646-91033-8). This 216 page book, with its huge number of colour images, is a completely updated study of the merchant tokens of Australia and New Zealand, being the first major work on this subject since the standard reference of Dr Arthur Andrews in 1921. Limited to 500 numbered copies, the cost is $75. For orders please email the author at Email:

Teutenberg – A master engraver and his work by Jim Duncan and John Cresswell, published March 2007 (ISBN 0-473-08251-3). This 164 page book, with 89 plates of enlarged illustrations, is as complete a record of the work of the die engraver Anton Teutenberg as it is possible to create, compiled over 30 years by the authors. Apart from the catalogue of his works listed by category, there is a translation of his diary of the voyage from Germany to New Zealand in 1866, a street map showing his premises in the city of Auckland, and a comprehensive index, as well as Appendices relating to his colleagues. Limited to 200 numbered copies. $35 post free in New Zealand. For orders please email the first author at Email: Jim Duncan

Hugh Macintosh and Peter Degraves: the story of an Officer and a Gentleman by Gregory Jefferys, Master of History thesis, University of Tasmania 2011. This can be downloaded directly from and will be of interest to all those who know of the 1823 Macintosh and Degraves Tasmanian shilling.

Australian Historical Medals 1788-1988 by Les Carlisle, self published, Sydney, 2008. Over 700 pages, A4 size, art paper, hardbound, with approximately 3,500 medals illustrated. This volume incorporates Australian Commemorative Medals and Medalets from 1788 (1983) and uses its numbering system. Available from leading coin dealers and from the author at Email: Les Carlisle Cost $140, plus $10 for the price guide, plus postage within Australia $10. Stop Press: Just two copies left!

Apprehension of Bushrangers Medals and Rewards by Les Carlisle, privately printed [Sydney], 2008. A4 size, 37 pages plus 2 pages of endnotes. Available from the author at $20 plus $5 for postage and packaging within Australia, write to the author, Email: Les Carlisle from whom further details can be obtained. The author has had a long interest in this numerically small, rare and important series of bushranger medals. Much has been written about bushrangers, but precious little on those who captured them and their rewards; this publication fills a much needed gap. The author has well researched his subject and gives a potted history of the recipients, details on the medal makers and lots of incidental information never before recorded. This publication is recommended to numismatists and those with an interest in nineteenth century Australian history.

Pot Pourri of Queensland Numismatica by George D. Dean, published in 2007 by George Dean, and covering Queensland club and business value stated tokens, amusement tokens of Queensland plus a full list of Shelley stock pieces used in his machines Australia-wide, post-1945 Queensland value stated tokens, and various other tokens used Australia-wide. This book is available from the author via the attached order form, which also gives more details of the publication. See also the image of the front cover.

Catalogue of the Coins in the Macquarie University Museum of Ancient Cultures by C.E.V. Nixon. Published in 1996 by Macquarie University in association with Noble Numismatics.

Testimonia Numaria by John Melville-Jones. Greek and Latin Texts concerning Ancient Greek Coinage. The Testimonia Numaria project aims to collect and evaluate ancient Greek and Roman texts relating to ancient Greek and Roman coinage. Two volumes have been published, Testimonia Numaria, Volume I Spink (1993), which contains 928 Greek and Latin texts together with translations into English, and Testimonia Numaria, Volume II Spink (2007), which contains forty-nine additional texts, commentaries on all the texts, a bibliography and an index. A third volume, Testimonia Numaria Romana, is in preparation. This will present and comment on texts relating to Roman coinage up to the fifth century AD.

Medals as Art, Australia and the Mesaros Tradition by John Sharples, Museum of Victoria, Melbourne and the Royal Australian Mint, Canberra 1990. ISBN 072419732X, 30 pages, soft cover. This catalogue of 190 medals was produced for an exhibition of medals at Museum Victoria in 1990. Available at $5 (plus postage) from
The Secretary, NAA
Unit 1/47 Oxford Close
West Leederville WA 6007

Australian Decimal Banknote Paper issues, 2nd edn. published in 2000 by Michael Vort-Ronald, 416 pages, well illustrated. Hard cover A$49 Soft cover A$39, add A$15.00 postage for one or two copies posted together to the same address within Australia. Author Mick Vort-Ronald has produced over 95 books on Australian banknotes, bank branches, Australian bank and building society money boxes, police stations and other topics. Enquiries, write to author at P.O. Box 653, Willaston 5118, South Australia, telephone (08) 8522 4490 or Email: Mick Vort-Ronald. For full details, visit his website at

Striking Gold, 100 Years of the Perth Mint by John McIlwraith and Anthea Harris published in 1999, 192 pages costs A$29.95 softcover or A$49.95 hardcover plus $8.25 postage. Mail order from The Perth Mint. Order by telephone 1800 098 817 or through the Mint’s online shop at or write to The Perth Mint 310, Hay Street, East Perth WA 6004, Australia.

Century of Minting Excellence : the history of coin production at The Perth Mint published in 1999 for A$55 plus A$8.25 postage. Order by telephone 1800 098 817 or through the Mint’s online shop at or write to The Perth Mint, 310 Hay Street, East Perth WA 6004, Australia.

The Decimal Banknotes of New Zealand 1967 – 2000 (The Paper Issues) by Scott de Young, published by P.J. Symes, Canberra. (122 pages, over 40 B&W images of the banknotes plus numerous illustrations. A$30.00 GST & postage paid, overseas postage extra). This book can be purchased from Scott de Young, PO Box 658, Matraville, NSW 2036, Australia. Email: Scott de Young.

The Bank Notes of Yemen by Peter Symes, Murray Hanewich and Keith Street. (150 pages, B&W illustrations. A$39.00 or US$30.00). This book covers the banknotes issued in North Yemen, South Yemen and unified Yemen, detailing the issues of the Yemen Currency Board, the Central Bank of Yemen, the South Arabian Currency Authority and the Bank of Yemen. More information at Address: GPO Box 933, Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia. Email: Peter Symes

The Bank Notes of Katanga. The definitive history of the bank notes issued in Katanga by Peter Symes. (85 pages, B&W illustrations. A$35.00 or US$23.00). This book contains a detailed account of the history of the banknotes issued in Katanga between 1960 and 1963, and explores the history of the two banknote issues made in Katanga during the period of secession, giving details of all notes issued, the circumstances surrounding their issue and the history of the issuing authority, The National Bank of Katanga. More information at Address: GPO Box 933, Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia. Email: Peter Symes

Assessment of Historical and Archaeological Resources of the Royal Mint site, Sydney by Penny Crook, Laila Ellmoos and Tim Murray, available on-line (no cost) at

Catalogue of New Zealand Commemorative Medals 1941-2007 by Hamish MacMaster. (A4, medals illustrations are actual size, and fully described, soft cover, 210 pages, price $32 plus postage.) Published in 2009 by the Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand Inc, this catalogue starts where that of Leon Morel finishes and is a must for those interested in New Zealand medallions. Contact the RNSNZ secretary at RNSNZ secretary.

Assessment of Historical and Archaeological Resources of the Royal Mint site, Sydney by Penny Crook, Laila Ellmoos and Tim Murray, available on-line (no cost) at

New Zealand Challenge Coins: A Catalogue by Hamish MacMaster & Martin Purdy, RNSNZ 2009; ISBN 978-0-473-19541-0. A4, 124pp, full colour illustrations. (All challenge coins shown at a standard illustration size of 50 mm, price $32 plus postage.) Contact the RNSNZ secretary at RNSNZ secretary.