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Australian pre-decimal bronze coinageVolume 17 2006View
Bronze coinage at the Perth Mint 1951-1953: The transition to working die productionVolume 10 1999View
Date numeral varieties of 1952 Perth Mint penniesVolume 11 2000View
Die pairings, curved-base letters and dots: why are George V pennies so complex?
[George V] [predecimal pennies] [die varieties] [coinage dies] [Australian bronze coinage]
Volume 28 2017View
Master die types of Australian halfpenniesVolume 9 1998View
Master dies and tools from the Royal Mint for Australian pennies and halfpennies of George VVolume 20 2009View
Numismatic information from the study of coinage errorsVolume 14 2003View
Perth Mint proof coins 1955-1963Volume 16 2005View
The 1933/22 overdate pennyVolume 13 2002View
The Perth Mint penny “mules” of 1955-1956Volume 12 2001View
Unusual 1945 Y. Australian Halfpenny: a Numismatic Rosetta Stone?
[predecimal coinage] [die variety] [corrosion] [raised dot] [coinage dies] [bronze coins]
Volume 27 2016View
Variations of die types of Australian pennies: 1937-1964Volume 8 1995View
Earliest Documentation and Catalogue Listings for the 1930 Australian Penny Volume 32, 2023 View