Volume 4, 1988

Journal Articles

Title Author(s)  
The MacRobertson (Victorian) Centenary air race Jewell, Ray View
The St. Kilda Bowling Club medal Chapman, Dr John M. View
Horticultural Society of New South Wales (visit of H.R.H. Prince Alfred) Carlisle, Les View
Associated Fire Assurance Companies Fire Brigade medal Lane, Peter View
A lead trial piece of the fith century B.C. from Greek southern Italy Bicknell, P.J. View
Australia’s first notes: the superscribed notes: forgotten printer’s trial shed new light Nicholson, Alan L. View
“The Kangaroo Office” a nineteenth century”sting” Sharples, John View
John Craven Thornthwaite Australia’s first medalist and token maker Dean, George D. View
Olof Hilmer Hedberg- sailor, emigrant, whaler, merchant and fireman-token issuer of Hobart Town McNeice, Roger View
Some thoughts on Yelland on Andrews Henderson, Len View
Cheques in Australia-a collecting overview Vort-Ronald, Michael P. View
Smithsonian receives unique 1794 copper pattern dollar Unknown View