Volume 3, 1987

Journal Articles

Title Author(s)  
The 1930 penny Sharples, John View
Royal titles and Australian coins: The “Defender of the Faith” controversy of 1953 Pearce, Murray View
The Shanghai Municipal medal of 1937 Mira, W.J. View
The Tichborne Claimant medal Lane, Peter View
A good luck medallion from Kalgoorlie Melville-Jones, John View
Medals of the Royal Society of Tasmania McNeice, Roger View
The Prince of Wales specimen notes Vort-Ronald, Michael P. View
The Wappenmunzen Haymes, Chris View
“Napoleon Le Petit”: Napoleon III Fleming, William View
Acknowlegements, errata, etc: The love Token of Thomas Alsop, The “Tea Stores” tokens and their connection with Samuel Peek. Sharples, John View