All Articles by John Sharples

Below you can find a list of the articles that this author has contributed to the NAA Journal.

“The Kangaroo Office” a nineteenth century”sting”Volume 4 1988View
A catalogue of the trade tokens of Victoria 1848 to 1862Volume 7 1993View
Acknowlegements, errata, etc: The love Token of Thomas Alsop, The “Tea Stores” tokens and their connection with Samuel Peek.Volume 3 1987View
Australian coins 1919-1924Volume 1 1985View
On collecting Commonwealth coinsVolume 5 1990View
Penny reverse master dies of George VVolume 6 1992View
Perth Mint proof record coins 1940-1954Volume 8 1995View
The 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition Foundation Stone MedalVolume 1 1985View
The 1930 pennyVolume 3 1987View
The Australasian tradesmen’s tokens project, the James Nokes proof halfpenny and problems of the Kangaroo OfficeVolume 17 2006View
The numismatic collection of the Museum of VictoriaVolume 2 1986View