Volume 5, 1990

Journal Articles

Title Author(s)  
Etruria King, Robert J. View
Hay Interment Camp notes Vort-Ronald, Michael P. View
On collecting Commonwealth coins Sharples, John View
English hammered coinage and mediaeval trade Davis, Gillian Faringdon View
An Antoninianus of Postumus and Gallic mints re-considered Carson, R.A.G. View
The drachms of Himera with Astragalos reverse Bicknell, P.J. View
History of Gippsland tokens Junge, Tilo View
Fame for a forger Gibb, Alistair View
A new Ohlfsen medallion in Sydney Sheedy, Kenneth View
An early invasion Japanese currency banknote Zerman, Percy View
“Eddy” Thomas, Colin G.F. View
Numismatic literature Pitchfork, Colin E. View
The computer in numismatics Pitchfork, Colin E. View
Fireman Hero McNeice, Roger View
Badges of the NSW General Strike 1917 Smith, Greg View