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A new Ohlfsen medallion in SydneyVolume 5 1990View
An incuse stater from the series ‘Sirinos/Pyxoes’
[ACANS] [ANSTO] [Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies] [Incuse Coinage] [Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization] [neutron diffraction] [neutron imaging] [Pyxoes] [SEM] [Sirinos] [South Italian coinage] [Sybaris]
Volume 26 2015View
Correction to: Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, AustraliaI, the Gale collection of South Italian coins (Sydney, 2008) (Numismatic Association of Australia Special Publication)Volume 21 2010View
New acquisitions at ACANS 2000-2004Volume 15 2004View
Nymphodorus of Abdera: mint magistrate and proxenos?Volume 24 2013View
Obituary: Boland, Pat 1921-2006Volume 18 2007View
Obituary: Carson, Robert in AustraliaVolume 18 2007View
Obituary: Gale, William 1934-2007: founder of the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic StudiesVolume 18 2007View
Portraiture and the PersiansVolume 17 2006View
Sicilian accessions for ACANS: Akragas, Messana, Syracuse and KataneVolume 25 2014View
The wreath of Naxos and some thoughts on an unwreathed wreathed (?) Archaic Naxian stater in ACANSVolume 18 2007View
The creation of the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies, Macquarie UniversityVolume 30 2021 View