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A new Ohlfsen medallion in SydneyVolume 5 1990View
An incuse stater from the series ‘Sirinos/Pyxoes’
[ACANS] [ANSTO] [Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies] [Incuse Coinage] [Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization] [neutron diffraction] [neutron imaging] [Pyxoes] [SEM] [Sirinos] [South Italian coinage] [Sybaris]
Volume 26 2015View
Correction to: Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, AustraliaI, the Gale collection of South Italian coins (Sydney, 2008) (Numismatic Association of Australia Special Publication)Volume 21 2010View
New acquisitions at ACANS 2000-2004Volume 15 2004View
Nymphodorus of Abdera: mint magistrate and proxenos?Volume 24 2013View
Obituary: Boland, Pat 1921-2006Volume 18 2007View
Obituary: Carson, Robert in AustraliaVolume 18 2007View
Obituary: Gale, William 1934-2007: founder of the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic StudiesVolume 18 2007View
Portraiture and the PersiansVolume 17 2006View
Sicilian accessions for ACANS: Akragas, Messana, Syracuse and KataneVolume 25 2014View
The wreath of Naxos and some thoughts on an unwreathed wreathed (?) Archaic Naxian stater in ACANSVolume 18 2007View