Volume 18, 2007

Journal Articles

Title Author(s)  
Counterfeiting on the Bermuda convict hulk Dromedary Addams, Christopher View
A unique gold stater of the Bosporan King Asander Vnukov, Sergei J.Kovalenko, Sergei A. View
The wreath of Naxos and some thoughts on an unwreathed wreathed (?) Archaic Naxian stater in ACANS Sheedy, Kenneth View
The iconography of war: the Leukippos and ‘Alliance’ coinage of Metapontum Cacule, Nikola View
Zeus Kasios and the Baetyl of Sydon: two new coins at ACANS Rowan, Clare View
The Parramatta St John’s Sunday School medals Carlisle, Les View
Obituary: Boland, Pat 1921-2006 Donnelly, PaulSheedy, Kenneth View
Obituary: Bush, William (Bill) D: generous benefactor and Life Fellow Donnelly, Paul View
Obituary: Carson, Robert in Australia Sheedy, Kenneth View
Obituary: Gale, William 1934-2007: founder of the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies Sheedy, Kenneth View