Volume 17, 2006

Journal Articles

Title Author(s)  
NAAC05 Lane, Peter View
Numismatics for a new millennium: ICOMON’s possibilities Doty, Richard View
Australian pre-decimal bronze coinage Holland, Paul M. View
Why did the ancient Greeks strike coins? Melville-Jones, John View
Ethnographic currency: Exotic and unconventional forms of money Reynolds, Barrie View
The Australasian tradesmen’s tokens project, the James Nokes proof halfpenny and problems of the Kangaroo Office Sharples, John View
Treasures of the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales Heritage Centre Carlisle, Les View
What is a Proclamation coin? Crellin, Andrew View
The recent development of banknotes in Australia: progress at Note Printing Australia Flint, Alan View
Usurping a usurper: the revolt of Poemenius at Trier Holt, Walter C. View
For natives of new found lands: the exploration medal Lane, Peter View
The life and coinage of Edward, the Black Prince Mee, David View
The coins from Jebel Khalid, a Hellenistic city in Syria Nixon, C.E.V. View
Hunt for evidence of Henry VIII farthings in the early numismatic literature O’Hair Richard A.J. View
Two recent hoards of cistophori Pitchfork, Colin E. View
The procession of Elagabalus and the problem of the parasols Rowan, Clare View
Portraiture and the Persians Sheedy, Kenneth View