Volume 26 2015

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President’s Report Bloom, Walter R. View
Editor’s Note Davis, Gil View

The value of money: coinage and Diocletian’s Price Edict

[Diocletian] [price edict] [Roman coins] [argenteus] [nummus] [aureus] [denarius] [radiate] [laureate]
Posner, Howard View

World War 1 appeal medals of Western Australia

[appeal medal] [Children’s Hospital] [Cumpston] [Dardanelles] [Kitchener] [Ugly Men] [World War I]
Bloom, Walter R.McDonald, John View

An incuse stater from the series ‘Sirinos/Pyxoes’

[ACANS] [ANSTO] [Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies] [Incuse Coinage] [Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization] [neutron diffraction] [neutron imaging] [Pyxoes] [SEM] [Sirinos] [South Italian coinage] [Sybaris]
Sheedy, KennethMunroe, P.Salvemini, F.Luzin, V.Garbe, U.Olsen, S. View

The prize medals and decorations of Charles Allen Brown

[Charles Allen Brown] [Silversmith] [Queensland] [medals] [Freemasonry] [numismatics]
Roberts, Timothy View

Victory, torcs and iconology in Rome and Britain

[Iron Age Britain] [Rome] [torc] [iconology] [social life of images] [Victory]
Rowan, ClareSwan, David View

Peter Cameron and his Highland Society North West Province (Maryborough, Victoria) medals

[Highland Society] [medals] [Peter Cameron] [Scottish heritage]
Lane, Peter View

A royal graffito on an Alexander drachm

[Graffito] [Hellenistic] [Mylasa] [Alexander the Great]
Wright, Nicholas L. View

Bobsleigh in a warm climate: pre-war Australian identity on the slide

[Bobsleigh] [McEvoy] [Nazi Germany] [Winter Olympics] [World Championships]
Everest-Phillips, Max View
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