Volume 27, 2016

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President’s Report Bloom, Walter R. View
Editor’s Note Davis, Gil View

Unusual 1945 Y. Australian Halfpenny: a Numismatic Rosetta Stone?

[predecimal coinage] [die variety] [corrosion] [raised dot] [coinage dies] [bronze coins]
Holland, Paul M. View

A Newly Identified Antoninianus of Carausius in the Name of Diocletian

[Carausius] [Diocletian] [Maximian] [antoninianus] [three emperors] [CONCORDIA] [AVGGG] [Britain] [treaty]
McDonald, John View

Valuable Coins in Change

[coin noodling] [error coins] [coin varieties]
Harris, KathrynNemtsas, Mark View
Serendipitous Noodling Pigors, Tyron View

Satrapal Coins in the Collection of the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies: Tiribazus, Pharnabazus, and Mazaeus

[Tiribazus] [Pharnabazus] [Mazaeus] [Cilicia] [Achaemenid Empire] [satraps]
Shannahan, John View

The Silver Ryals Coinage of Mary, Queen of Scots

[Crookston dollar] [dies] [Mary, Queen of Scots] [ryal] [Scottish coins] [Scottish mint]
Vort-Ronald, Michael P. View
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