Volume 28, 2017

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President’s Report Bloom, Walter R. View
Editor’s Note Davis, Gil View
Royal Australian Institute of Architects – WA Chapter award medals Bloom, Walter R. View

Visigothic coins in the Gale collection of the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies

[Visigothic coinage] [Late Antiquity] [Byzantine] [barbarian imitation] [Iberian Peninsula]
Cuello, Christian View

Die pairings, curved-base letters and dots: why are George V pennies so complex?

[George V] [predecimal pennies] [die varieties] [coinage dies] [Australian bronze coinage]
Holland, Paul M. View

The significance of the military representation of Caracalla upon the coinage of his sole reign (212-217 CE)

[Caracalla] [Imperial coinage] [Obverse portraiture] [Roman Army]
Mann, Charlotte View

The iconography from the mint of Antipatris: the representation of architecture and religion

[Elagabalus] [Syria-Palestine] [Antipatris] [Aphek] [Israel] [third century CE] [Severan Period] [Severan Age]
Mansfield, Rachel View

Uneasy lies the head: the isolated head type on Tarentine coins

[Taras] [Magna Graecia] [South Italian coinage] [Vase motif] [Isolated head]
McClean, Bridget View

Diving into history: The Richmond ‘Dick’ Eve Collection

[Olympics] [Eve] [Diving] [Sport] [Medal]
McEachern, Jeremy View

The story behind Uganda’s 1981 Charles & Diana commemorative coin

[Ugandan coins] [1981] [Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer] [Engagement] [commemorative coins] [The Singapore Mint] [Ugandan High Commission in Australia] [Dr. John Kibukamusoke] [CHOGM 1981 Melbourne] [Dr. Milton Obote] [maximum mintages]
Newman, Barrie View

The numismatic interests of Isidore Kozminsky (1870-1944)

[Kozminsky] [numismatics] [coins] [coin dealers]
Rampling, David J. View

Empire of Brazil Treasury Notes

[Empire of Brazil] [National Treasury] [paper money] [printing groups] [Emperor Pedro II]
Robinson, Frank View
A metallurgical origin for surface impairments found on Australia’s larger silver Q-Alloy proof coins Verheyen, T Vincent View
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