Volume 20, 2009 (2010)

Journal Articles

Title Author(s)  
Slipping out of circulation: the after-life of coins in the Roman world Rowan, Clare View
For valour: the ‘shield coins’ of Alexander and the successors Matthew, Christopher A. View
A little piece of my heart… The convict love token collection of the National Museum of Australia Nason, Rebecca View
Master dies and tools from the Royal Mint for Australian pennies and halfpennies of George V Holland, Paul M. View
Violence on Roman Imperial coinage Malone, Christopher W. View
Tarkondimotid responses to Roman domestic politics: from Antony to Actium Wright, Nicholas L. View
The Australia story behind two Tibetan facsimile ‘re-strikes’: 1950 ten srang and 1947 five sho Newman, Barrie View
Francis (Frank) W. Giles, a forgotten Adelaide numismatist: his era and legacy Lane, Peter View
Obituary: Byatt, Ronald Jack 14 June 1918-20 August 2009 Carlisle, Les View
Obituary: Stevens, Desmond (Graeme) 1949-2009 Dean, George D. View