Volume 31, 2021-2022

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President’s Report

About the Numismatic Association of Australia Inc

Proof, specimen and selected coins from the Melbourne and Perth Mints in 1955-56

Numismatic evidence of the Castellorizian Brotherhood and early Greek settlement in Western Australia

A correction to one of Hersh’s additions to Price’s Alexander typology: Price 3303 Arados not Price 2993A Tarsos

The case for reattribution of the Berytos Alexanders to Byblos

The enigmatic Philip III issue of Seleukeia on Tigris

‘Labels’ on late Roman Republican denarii

An unpublished hoard of bronze Roman coins and local imitations found in Sri Lanka

The Antinous medallions from Tarsus: fake or fortune?

The names of Roman coins

Coins as teaching tools: the integration of numismatics and conservation

My life’s work: numismatics at the University of Messina (Sicily)

Obituary: Maurice B (Bernard) Keain

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