Congratulations to Frank Robinson on his Paul Simon Memorial Award. Frank has been an active member of organised numismatics in Victoria since 1968, when he became a member of the Numismatic Association of Victoria. He was President of the NAV for the years 2000-2002 and 2007-2011, Vice-President in 1976, 1997-1999, 2003-2006, 2012-, and Secretary in 1973. Frank is also the Editor of the NAV journal, a position that he has held since 2001.

In addition, Frank is an active member of IBNS (Melbourne Chapter). He joined IBNS in 1990 and the Melbourne Chapter in 1991. Frank was the IBNS National Convention Manager from 2002 to 2004, and again from 2006, a position that he continues to hold.

Frank Robinson has contributed many articles to the NAV Journal, and various articles in CAB Magazine, Queensland Numismatic Journal and JNAA. There is no doubt that Frank is thoroughly deserving of this award, which was presented at the NAV meeting on Friday 17 January 2017.

2016 Paul Simon Memorial Award

Frank Robinson (left) being presented with his Paul Simon Memorial Award medal (centre) by NAV President Darren Burgess (right).