Volume 29, 2018

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President’s Report Bloom, Walter R. View
Editor’s Note Davis, Gil View
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The Karne Alexanders[Karne] [Arados] [Phoenicia] [Alexander the Great] [Alexander mints] [Hellenistic coinage] [die study] Taylor, Lloyd W.H. View
The so-called Porus medallions of Alexander the Great – crucial historical numismatic objects or clever counterfeits?[Porus Medallion] [Alexander the Great] [decadrachms] [Mir Zakah] [elephant tetradrachms] [Oxus hoard] [Babylon hoard] [Hydaspes] Habicht, Michael E., Chung, Andrew M., Varotto, Elena, Galassi, Francesco M. View
A new coin type from Severan Jaffa[Severan Period] [Severan coinage] [Roman Provincial Coinage] [Syria-Palestine] [Severus Alexander] [Elagabalus] [Jaffa] [Yafo] [Ares] [Athena] [Perseus] Mansfield, Rachel View
A slogan on a Late Roman Republican denarius[denarius] [tresviri monetales] [provocatio] [P. Porcius Laeca] [T. Turpilius Silanus] [Q. Caecilius Metellus] [C. Marius] [M. Iunius Silanus] Marshall, Bruce View
Goths Franks or Romans? New perspectives on an old problem in Late Antique numismatics[Late Antiquity][Visigothic coinage][Frankish coinage][Ostrogothic coinage][barbarian imitation][coin weights] Cuello, Christian View
New Zealand trading banknotes of the official issuers 1840–1934[New Zealand banknotes] [Trading Banks] [Official Issuer] [Pre-1934] Clifford, Andrew, Tonner, Robert View
The New Zealand medal for the New Zealand wars[New Zealand Medal] [New Zealand Wars] [Maori] [William Free] [Charles Stapp] Galt, David View
Early Australian Highland Society medals and awards: The Geelong Commun Na Feinne Society[Comunn na Feinne Society Medal] [Scottish Highland Societies] [Victorian Sports and School Competitions] [Interactions between Colonists and Aboriginal People] O’Hair Richard A.J., O’Hair, Carmel S. View
1942 Centenary of Sydney and Melbourne commemorative medallions[Australian Commemorative Medallions] [World War II] [Municipal Council of Sydney] [Melbourne City Council] [Angus & Coote] Burgess, Darren View
The Unicorn Penny: A fifth variety of the 1931 Penny[1931 penny] [1931 penny varieties] [P31D] [Unicorn Penny] Rapoport, Yuri View
Numismatic gem: A very uncivil war Burgess, Darren View
Numismatic Gem: Coincidences and opportunities from a Roman coin in Egypt Newman, Barrie View
Book review: The Coin Cabinet – A cultural history of the numismatic collection in the Art Gallery of South Australia by Peter Lane Rampling, David J. View
Obituary: Matthew Freeman Trundle Brice, Lee L., Armstrong, Jeremy View
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