Congratulations to Terry Davidson on his Paul Simon Memorial Award. Terry has been an active member of organised numismatics in Queensland since 1975. He was President of ANS Queensland Branch for the years 1980 and 1981, held the positions of Past President and was on the committee for several years. As the Branch’s first Editor, Terry Davidson, was largely responsible for the introduction of a news bulletin within the then Brisbane and later Queensland Branch of the ANS. He had his detractors at the time, mainly due to the perceived costs of such a venture, but he persisted with his vision and so was born the first Local News Bulletin in August 1977. Terry also had a big hand in the production of the ANS Queensland Branch’s 1984 book Medals and Tokens of Queensland since 1962.

Terry Davidson was a foundation member (4 July 1986) of the Queensland Numismatic Society, and served as inaugural Editor of the Magazine from July 1986 until February 1993. His wife Therese was also a foundation member of the QNS and played a significant part in all of Terry’s numismatic endeavours over the years.

Terry Davidson contributed many articles to both the Bulletin and Magazine over a period of years, and as a strong contributor to organised numismatics in Queensland, he is thoroughly deserving of this award.